Welcome to Health Hounds

We are a St. Mellons and surrounding areas based enhanced dog walking service, specialising in higher paced walks and runs that cater more to your pets physiological needs. We provide routes of varying intensity and lengths aimed to suit both your available time as an owner and your pets innate need for appropriate levels of exercise.


What We Aim To Do

As an enhanced dog walking service, we aim to improve your dogs overall well-being by developing their health and fitness levels and increasing mental stability. We achieve this by providing your pets with the appropriate levels of physical activity that they require on a regular basis, not just by taking them on a standard slow and steady paced walk, but on an outing that involves intensities ranging from slow walk to sprinting.

We see dogs as the athletes they are and understand that a slow and steady paced walk around the block isn’t of a high enough intensity to give your pet the mental and physical stimulation they require to enhance their overall health and fitness. To satisfy your dogs needs for adequate physical activity and truly see a difference in their appearance and health, they must be hitting higher intensities on their daily walks.

Obesity is a major concern amongst domesticated dogs, with rates constantly growing. Due to the complications that can arise in conjucation with obesity, tackling it is at the forefront of our targets and concerns in order to avoid a number of easily preventable issues and sustain your pets quality of life.

Although we specialise in higher intensities, we understand that many dogs aren’t able to cope with increased demand’s. This is why we cater to each specific dogs needs to deliver an outing that is always beneficial to their health and is appropriate in relation to their age, size, breed and certain conditions they may have.

It’s not only the physicality of your dog that we are concerned with, but also their mental state. Social anxiety (along with other stress related conditions) is very common among domesticated dogs, again due to a variety of reasons. With progressive measures where necessary, we aim to help socialise those that tend to become anxious or nervous in unfamiliar situations by introducing them to new environments at a gradual rate. This will help reduce the negative affects that accompany anxiety, enhancing your pets well-being and improve overall situational behaviour.

For more information regarding these issues and more, please see the Additional information page for summaries containing referenced scientific material.


What We Offer

Health Hounds offer walks/runs ranging from 30 minutes up to 2 hours. These walks/runs can either be for an individual dog taken on a route alone or as part of a group (containing dogs of similar traits and needs) catering for not just those that relish the company of other dogs, but also used as a socialising tool for younger dogs to help prevent common social anxieties as they mature.

There are a variety of options provided based on the needs of you and your pets, ranging from nearby routes for local runs around St. Mellons and surrounding areas, to more distal locations if you feel your pet thrives from exploring new scenery.

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Why Is This Important

Dogs, like humans, require exercise along with many other elements such as well prepared diets in order to stay healthy. Health can be used as an umbrella term to incorporate: physical health, mental health and disease and infection prevention. Exercise appears to be a relatively simple concept, although its importance is hugely overlooked most of time.

Walking is widely accepted as enough exercise for our dogs (and us as people) to stay in shape and good health, although in most part, this is not the case. Our dogs require higher levels of intensity at some point during their daily walks in order to hit targets that develop their overall health and prevent the onset of other issues (as explained on the Additional Information page).

Many owners aren’t fully aware of what issues their dogs are highly susceptible to and we want to help spread the understanding and importance of what is required to prevent such issues, whilst also offering an outlet to help meet these needs.