About Us

Why We Are Here

Everyone loves animals, dogs in particular, ranking very highly on the list. They are part of our families and that is why it is hugely important to keep them healthy. We all care too much about our pets to allow them to drift in to an unsafe territory of poor health that can lead to all sorts of avoidable problems. That is why we are so passionate about increasing the level of exercise that our dogs are receiving in order to prevent these issues and delay as long as possible other issues, that unfortunately, are inevitable.

We understand that people work and have excessively busy day to day lives and sometimes may not have the time or energy to take their dogs on a vigorous enough outing, or to even walk them at all. That is why we would love to help, by constantly improving your pets fitness levels and overall well-being by hitting higher intensities than any one else can offer.

Who We Are – Curtis Mathews and Mica Moore

Curtis and Mica are big dog lovers that have owned multiple family dogs between them in the past ranging from Dachsunds to Labradors and from Lhaso Apsos to Weimeraners. Both are International athletes that have competed at the Commonwealth Games in the 100 meter sprint (Mica) and the Decathlon (Curtis). As a result of their active lifestyles, they are both huge advocates and fans of exercise and healthy living and have high levels of fitness in their own respect. They both look forward to meeting you and your pets.