Services & Rates

Dog Running

Available are walks and runs with your dogs of varying times and location based on length of run and owner request. This can either be an individual run at a time or daily runs offered with weekly discounts.

Individual Booked Walks/Runs:

  • 30 minute walk/run at £6 for a local route
  • 1 hour walk/run at £9 for a local route
  • 2 hour walk/run at £16 for a distal route for exploration

Daily Walks/Runs Throughout The Week (Monday-Friday):

  • 30 minute and 1 hour daily walks/runs are available with varying discounts with the degree of discount dependent on other variables such as number of dogs also booked on. More information provided with enquiries.

Other Options:

  • Additional dogs per household at £4 per hour per dog
  • For a dog as part of an existing group walk (separate owners) rate is £7 per hour (£2 discount)

*All options include frequent water replenishment

Off leash is an option for a portion of the route in open field as discussed with owner beforehand. We are happy to provide small snacks at the end or even during each trip if requested.

Service Hours

Walks and Runs can be scheduled in between 7am and 5pm Monday-Friday. We pick your dogs up and drop them off in a dry and calm state. Popular timings include:

  • 7am-8am to allow for enough exercise for your dog in the morning without having to rush yourself before work.
  • 4pm-5pm for a runout for your pet right after you finish work.

For more information contact Curtis Mathews on 07714731705